Italian students in Martigues
                  Après 4 années de partenariat  eTwinning les élèves de l'ITCS Cassandro de Barletta (Bari) et du Lycée Jean Lurçat de Martigues se sont enfin rencontrés.
                  Voici le compte-rendu d'un des groupes des élèves français qui ont participé à cette rencontre

                                                  La Chapelle de l'Annonciade                                                                        Le Miroir aux oiseaux                                                                          Le village Gaulois

     Last Tuesday, we met Italian students in our city for a meeting which was held in several languages. This meeting lasted one afternoon. There were many groups between 11 and 15 students including 2 or 3 French students. First,with my group, we visited the Historic Museum Of Martigues. Then, we  visited  one district of Martigues called " Le miroir aux oiseaux " . Then, we went to our French school to snack ( there were provencal specialities like "Calisson d'Aix", " nougat " " Oreillettes : Which are a variety of donuts, baked  thin and crispy, usually eaten sprinkled with sugar. ", " Navettes : it's a cake prepared fot the feast of Candlemas celebrated in the Abbey St Victor De Marseille; Its shape symbolizes the boat that brought the Saints on the coast of Provence. " ) ; after that ,  we toured  our school with the Italian students in order to show them around.They  visited our library, our classrooms and our canteen. We get on well with Italian students, they were very friendly with us. We think they spoke french very well and when they couldn't speak french, they used gestures and it was very funny. We kept a very good memory of that day  and we hope to meet them soon.

                                                                                                                                             Lisa V and Ines P .  
                                                                                                                                                                Lycée Lurçat and ITCS Cassandro from Barletta