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                                                                                                                                                       12 Giugno 2011
                                                             Cities' magical attitude

     Riccardo proposed in his article the combination of the concept of “magical", used in this case with the meaning of evocative, with some places in the city.
Referring to Perugia, he talked about the historical center, were young people usually go during the weekend to meet their friend, have a walk, shop around…
     Each city has such “magical” places; they can be more than one and different for every person:as Jolanta said, everybody has different tastes and likes different places, so the definition of magical can’t be univocal and, above all, it doesn’t depend on the place but on the persons.
     Jolanta and Anna say a magical place in Kolbuasowa, which population can be proud of, it’s a Folk Museum, including a lot of suggestive buildings from the 16th or 17th century; other ones are the ponds, a place where it’s nice to sit down surrounded by nature and look at the sunset, when the sun rays are reflected by water and give amazing effects.
Other people, as for example Julie, hasn't found a particular place in the city yet, while Lesterine has found it in the middle of the forest near the village rather than in the urban setting.
As Anna said, a magical place musn't necessarly be outside:it can also be a club, for example the "K2", where young people in Kolbuasowa like to meet during the weekend.
     Finally there's also someone who considers the whole city a magic place: Kasia likes her city under almost all aspects.
I think what makes a place "magical" is obviously the setting and the aspect of the place in itself, but especially the particular atmosphere it's characterized by, and the memories we associate it with; a lot of places have a potential magical charm, but it's not sufficient to define them like that: we are what makes them really magic places

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