12 Giugno 2011
                                                              Our lifestyle and technology

      We have talked about how technology improves our lifestyle and what the main positive and negative aspects of living in a world full of technological things and in constant progress are. Technology has changed our own lifestyle a lot, almost each studentís comment agrees with this point, in particular because it helps improving medicine and researches.
     The main positive aspects are that we have more free time and six people agree with me on that.
Computers allow us to save time and they are very useful for work and in our daily lives: 3 people said that job conditions have changed a lot. Machines do everything faster, so the manís role has decreased in importance and we can be substituted more than in the past.
But do we really have a happier life thanks to technology? 4 people answered that life is easier, not happier nowadays.
We must say that our homes are full of technological wonders and that we use computers continually. We are going to become lazy and technology does everything for us. In our free time we listen to music thanks to i-pods with touch screens and we change our mobiles continually to be fashionable. Almost everyone shares my idea: we have to possess the last i-phone with all the aps we can have but I ask myself: is that right? Someone replied telling that we are losing our traditions (2 people). Instead I want to talk about the dependence that teens have for computers and games.
     They talk each other only through blogs and computers, we are losing the human contact and we are getting scared of true life. 3 teens said to me that we must improve our lifestyle and not to be dependant on technology. At the end Iíll give you an advice: use technology and technological things wisely, technology mustnít be a drug for you. At last, this enquiry has been useful to find out that teens consider technology absolutely necessary nowadays, but at the same time it is fundamental to use it wisely: it must not become a sort of ďdrugĒ for them.

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