In general, people who have commented on this article made the same remarks. Most of them go to school by bus, walk or their parents take them to school. These people in their comments show their desire to change their habits and their desire to protect the environment. Some of them have the "chance" to live in a country, a city that is committed to fighting pollution with the introduction of ecological buses or other various and diverse means of transportation. But, although in some cities there are no environmentally-friendly means of transportation, students still participate in the fight against pollution by taking part in awareness campaigns or by registering and signing petitions on the internet. In reading all these comments, we find that students want change because it is their future that is at stake, and that they have understood that. Virginie & Pauline, Martigues, Lycée Jean Lurcat,
 In Perugia, people use bio-buses. There are buses fueled by natural gas, biofuels or ecological fuels. It is a great step forward to go green, whereas in France, people don't use bio-buses because most of the time there aren't any.  
     chief editors Virginie, Pauline, Mathilde, Lycée Jean Lurcat, France
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Vocabulaire d'aide à la compréhension ou à l'intercompréhension
Inglese                         Italiano                                    Rumeno               Tedesco               Francese         Spagnolo       Polacco 
awareness                          sensibilizzazione                             sensibilizare                sensibilisierung            sensibilisation        sensibilizacion       uwiadomienie
committed                          impegnata                                      comise                       engagiert                    engagé                  comprometido      zobowiczani
environmentally-friendly     compatibilmente con l’ambiente      compatibl cu mediul     umweltfreudlich          écologique             ecologico             ekologiczny
fueled                                alimentato                                      alimentata                    funktionierend           alimenté                 alimentado           zasilany
petitions                             petizioni                                         petitii                          die bittschrift              pétition                  peticion                petycja
at stake                              in gioco                                         implicat (în joc)           im staz                       en jeu                    en juego               (wchodziae) w grê