marzo 2010
                                                    Listen carefully to the sound of your city!

     In the didactic blog La Ville Plurielle, we talked about the topic “music in the city” presenting a music festival that takes place in Perugia. The festival “Umbria jazz”. The response has not always been positive towards jazz music. The most part of the people who commented do not usually listen to jazz music, they say that even if they like it, it is not their favourite genre. It is not very popular among young people and it is sometimes addressed as boring. They say that they prefer pop, pop-rock, R’N’B and so on…However some people like it. Ralph from Martigues who plays drums told us that he was influenced by a jazz drummer, Gene Kruppa and Giovanni from Italy said that it is really sentimental music and it is often only instrumental and maybe that is why it is not really loved by young people. But he also says that he thinks that this way you can really hear what music has got to tell you. Music festivals seem to be really loved, everybody like them and say that there are some in their city.
     Everyone would like to have big concerts in their city and think that it would make their city famous in the world. Anyway we can say that music is really important in our life, it is a way to relax and also to communicate, because we can share our point of view with other people. Going to a festival, maybe with some friends, is really funny and everybody likes it, even if they don't usually listen to the kind of music that is played. Festivals break the monotony of little cities and make big cities less grey. Music can take us to places we have never been. Helping us expressingour emotions, it can make us cry or laugh.

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Vocabulaire d'aide à la compréhension ou à l'intercompréhension :

                   Italiano                     Rumeno
               Francese        Tedesco                Polacco                  Spagnolo 
topic                                argomento                      argument                     thème                  thema                        temat                             el tema
towards jazz music           verso la musica jazz        la jazz                         envers de jazz      geneuber jazz music   wstosunku do jazzu        sobre el jazz
among young people        fra i giovani                     in randul tinerilor         chez les jeunes     unter junge leute         wròd modych                entre los jòvenes
however                          in ogni caso                     oricum                       cependant            denoch                       tymczasem                    sin embargo
addessed as boring          considerato noioso          considerat plictisitor    ennuyeux             langweilig                   nudny                            aburrido
drum                                batteria                           toba                           tambour              trommel                      perkusia                        tambor
drummer                          batterista                         tobosar                      percussioniste     schlagzeuger               perkusista                       percusionista