La légende de La Ville Plurielle
                                                Ce texte a été rédigé en Pologne, lors d'un atelier d'écriture, tous les pays présents y ont participé
Once upon a time two brothers lived in town of Ville Plurielle. Both of them were formidable music players. One of them, the piper, was the master of the flute; the other one was a trumpeter. Their music was really powerful as it could influence beasts and creatures of any kind. The piper could enchant rats, which lived in great number in the town, whereas the trumpeter tamed a dangerous dragon, which lived in a cave near the city.
      The brothers hated each other. The reason for their feud was a beautiful princess who lived in the castle situated in the centre of Ville Plurielle. Both of them wanted to marry the princess and neither of them was willing to give up easily. They fought each other using their magical skills and the town and its inhabitants were continually harassed by constant battles between the enchanted rats and the dragon. The princess was a sensitive person and she decided she would marry neither of the aggressive brothers. Years passed by and the townspeople suffered.
      Even the brothers became tired of endless fight and they decided to settle their argument once and for all. They prepared their armies for the final battle – life and death struggle. On the day of the battle the piper was the first to send his troops of rats. He started playing his flute and the vermin came out of the holes and marched the streets of Ville Plurielle. The powerful dragon called by the trumpeter was waiting for the rats in the centre of the town. A terrible skirmish started. The rats attacked in waves and tried to take advantage of the fact they outnumbered the dragon. The dragon moved swiftly and spCe texewed fire around killing rats and burning the houses of innocent people. An enormous cloud of dust emerged during the battle and soon it was hard to tell a human from an animal. When the dust dispersed the brothers made a terrible discovery. They found the body of their beloved princess on the battlefield. The princess had decided to put an end to the senseless fight and she had run outside the castle to stop the brothers from playing their instruments. Unfortunately she had been killed in the uproar of the battle.
     The brothers wept and realized their mistake. They promised the inhabitants of the town not to wage any wars again. As they were the successors to the throne they both established the law forbidding any kind of fight in the vicinity of the town. From that day on Ville Plurielle has been the most peaceful city in the world. It has grown in size and power because its inhabitants believe a sensible discussion is much better than a senseless fight.

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